Стихи на английском языке про осень.

It's Autumn Again
It's Autumn again
Leaves whisper the sound of our past
In loss they pay a descent
To the ground we fall

It’s autumn again
Our song is sung by the wind
Echoes of loss and grief
Through chilled air we wade

На английском языке - поговорки, пословицы, фразы, цитаты о дружбе с переводом.

An honest answer is the sign of true friendship.
Честный ответ - знак настоящей дружбы.
Friendship, like phosphorus, shines brightest when all around is dark
Дружба, как фосфор, сияет ярко, когда вокруг все темно.

Стихи на английском языке про зиму.

Winter Song
by Katherine Mansfield
Rain and wind, and wind and rain.
Will the Summer come again?
Rain on houses, on the street,
Wetting all the people's feet,
Though they run with might and main.
Rain and wind, and wind and rain.

Snow and sleet, and sleet and snow.
Will the Winter never go?
What do beggar children do
With no fire to cuddle to,
P'raps with nowhere warm to go?

Рождество - стихи на английском языке детские. Christmas poems and carols.

Now Have Good Day
Now have good day, now have good day.
I am Christmas, and now I go my way.
Here have I dwelt with more or less,
From Hallow-tide till Candlemas,
And now must I from you hence pass,
Now have good day.
Russian Carol
"Kolyada" "Kolyada"
Kolyada has arrived,
On the Eve of the Nativity,
Holy Kolyada

Merry Christmas quotes. Рождество - поздравления, фразы на английском.

Harlan Miller
I wish we could put up some of the Christmas spirit in jars and open a jar of it every month.
From home to home and heart to heart,
From one place to another,
The warmth and joy of Christmas,
Brings us closer to each other
Sing hey! Sing hey!
For Christmas Day;
Twine mistletoe and holly.
For a friendship glows
In winter snows,

Пословицы, фразы на английском языке про семью с переводом. Family sayings.

The family is one of nature's masterpieces
Семья - один из шедевров природы.
Mark Twain(Марк Твен)
Adam was the luckiest man; he had no mother-in-law.
Адам был счастливейший из людей, у него не было тещи.
Henry Ward Beecher

Пословицы, цитаты на английском языке про здоровье с переводом. Health sayings.

Fond of doctors, little health, Fond of lawyers, little wealth
Любовь к докторам - мало здоровья, любовь к юристам - мало денег.
Virgil (Виргилий)
The greatest wealth is health.
Величайшее богатство это здоровье
Wealth is nothing without health